Frequently Asked Questions

Harry Palmer books??

There is an array of my books available at the site. Go to the site and search for my name under the category authors.


How do I take an image from your site?

It is very easy to use any of my images for non-commercial use.

  • select the image
  • enlarge the image by clicking it once more
  • place the cursor on the enlarged image and drag it to your desktop
  • alternatively you can drag the image into an open email message


How are your prints made?

The source of my image files for printing are high resolution psd files. These files are developed from high resolution digital camera files.  High end scanning was used to convert my legacy film prints to digital psd files.  The development is done by myself using Lightroom and Photoshop software.

Currently(2011) I print on Ilford Gold Silk Fibre paper using an 8 colour Epson 4900 printer.



Each image on the site has a watermark on the lower right corner.  The watermark shows that the image is copyrighted  to me, Harry Palmer.

There are no watermarks on prints made by me. A title and my signature show below the image.